The world has over 6,500 different languages spoken every day. Each one a wonderful expression of a people, a culture, a world to be explored. If you think of color as a language, that would mean there are around 10 million languages, all different, yet waiting to be melded together to tell a tale, familiar in structure, but wildly different in the hands of a master storyteller.

What colors do you speak?

Karen grew up in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, her early language shaped by the morning mist, long blue-grey shadows in the forest, and the brilliant sun reflected off of the mountain glaciers. As a child playing along the river’s edge, she learned to discern the many shades of green that Washington is famous for. 

Karen also grew up speaking in the palette of the Salish Sea. Her work now dives deep into the intricacies of water, each color, like a word, a unique interpretation of life at that moment. And she is versed in the plants and animals that inhabit these landscapes.  These are the colors she speaks in her stories.

Karen has found balance in life. She spends her days teaching art to high school students, and in doing so, and is constantly amazed by the imagination and insights into the way her students speak color. When she is not teaching, Karen finds herself hiking in the Cascade Mountains and spending days at her beach house on Puget Sound, always finding inspiration around her. She has found another language to learn and share. It is the language of laughter, and Karen hopes that language will shout from her canvases and make you smile.

Karen is a signature member of the Puget Sounds Group of Northwest Artists, the National Oil and Acrylic Painter’s Society America, and the Washington Art Education Association. 

Karen’s work can be found on her website and in many art shows and exhibitions. Some of the shows and venues that Karen has shown art are:

The Seattle Art Museum

Seattle, Washington

Maryhill Art Museum 


Viral Collaboration Bridgeport Art Center

Chicago, Illinois

The Schack Art Center 

Everett, Washington

The White House Garden Office of Arts and Culture

Washington D.C.

Beauty of the Northwest Gallery North

Edmonds, Washington

Art Gallery of Sno Valley 

North Bend, Washington

Beverly Taylor Clevenger Gallery

Morton, Washington

The Great Annual Art Exhibit | The Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists

Seattle, Washington